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Atacomm Customers

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
Rhino currently does not have any outstanding orders from Atacomm for
equipment. If you have placed an order and paid Atacomm for Rhino
products and have not recieved the product please email with your orders details.


Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Zaptel Does not compile correctly and is missing calls required by our drivers. This has been observed in this version and appears to be resolved in other versions. If you have the kernel headers, and zaptel installed and linked per our instructions you should be able to simply make and make install. If the dependencies are met and the build fails try a higher or lower version of zaptel and it should clear up.


Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

The trunk version of genzaptelcon does not work with rhino cards, However genzaptelconf can be adjusted to work with any card. (more…)

Rhino Equipment Corp announces EchoClearTM

Friday, September 21st, 2007


Rhino Equipment Corp. is pleased to announce the release of the EchoClearTM plug-in PCI and PCI Express digital echo cancellation daughter card, which can be simply plugged-in to upgrade our Rhino line of digital telephony cards. The Rhino digital telephony product line consists of three T1/E1/J1/ISDN/PRI PCI digital cards, the R1T1, R2T1 and R4T1, that all interface with Asterisk-based PBX systems. Each card can now be upgraded with the Rhino EchoClearTM echo cancellation system with the addition of the Rhino Echo Cancellation (REC1) card.


Calling Linux and Asterisk Gurus

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Be part of the next big thing… well sorta…… (more…)

Known Issues in trixBox CE 2.2.x

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

So there are some issues that are in some 2.2.x builds and they aren’t being fixed so here are the work arounds.


Custom driver installation in trixbox CE 2.2

Friday, September 14th, 2007

The following install process is intended for TrixBox 2.2 and above.

1) Edit the following file:

nano -w /etc/sysconfig/zaptel

Please comment out all of the modules from loading by using the hash mark (#)

Comment out all Rhino and Digium drivers alike.

2) Edit the following file:

nano -w /etc/rc.local

Under the /sbin/udevstart line please add the appropriate lines depending on the Rhino cards that are installed.

  • modprobe r1t1
  • modprobe rxt1
  • modprobe rcbfx

3) Remove the Rhino drivers if already installed:

yum remove -y rhino*

4) Now get our fake zaptel sources:


5) Download the latest Rhino Drivers:


6) Now unpack everything:

tar -xjvf /usr/src/rhino-2.2.latestbeta.tbz2

7) Run ./

chmod +x


8) Make sure that your kernel headers are installed:

yum install -y kernel-devel


yum install -y kernel-smp devel

Depending on weather or not you have smp enabled or not. You can check this by typing “uname -r”

9) Make the apropriate changes to /usr/src/rhino-current/rcbfx_ioctl.h

10) Compile the Rhino drivers:

/usr/src/rhino-2.2.x make install

11) Type the following:


NOW Restart and test

R1T1 and RXT1 EC-Hardware Upgrade on trixbox CE 2.2

Friday, September 14th, 2007

If you currently have a Rhino digital PCI card and are purchasing, or have the NEW Rhino Echo Cancellation Add-On Module, these are the steps that you must take to install the card to work properly with TrixBox 2.2, 2.2.3, and 2.2.4:

1 Install the EC module onto your R1T1, R2T1 and R4T1 Digital PCI card.
(If you have purchased the NEW R1T1 with on-board EC then please skip steps 6,7, and 8)

2 Turn on machine

3 Uninstall any current rhino drivers

  • yum remove -y rhino*

4 Contact Rhino Support for the appropriate Driver Package

The driver package with include the following:

  • H/W update for R1T1 R2T1 and R4T1 Digital Cards
  • All other standard drivers will be installed (R1T1 and RCBFX)

5 Unpack rhino-2.2.1.tbz2

  • wget
  • tar -xjvf rhino-current.tbz2

6 Run the r1T1 or RXT1 H/W upgrade

Look for whatever file is applicable to the card you are installing

  • r1T1_to_37
  • rxt1_to_36

7 Turn off Server completely

  • init 0

8 Turn Server back on and login

9 Extract the zaptel sources (DO NOT COMPILE ZAPTEL)

Use the wget command and download the following zaptel file: (trixbox 2.2 only)

Or whatever version of zaptel you are running, you can tell by typing:

modinfo zaptel

10 Run the Rhino install

  • ./usr/src/rhino-2.2.1-current/make install

11 Now Test out your new Echo Canceler!