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2.6.18+ kernel users

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I have put together a modprobe for users of hot-plugging kernels like 2.6.18 that use modprobe.


trixbox CE 2.2 zaptel delemma

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

A trixbox user has done a full post on preventing issues seen with zaptel when you run yum update in 2.2 while booted to a non smp kernel. Basically add to your the trixbox yum repo file a exclude=*smp. A full explanation is at . Please note his article is for a specific issue but covers a broader scope.

trixbox 2.3.11

Friday, December 21st, 2007

You should now beable to get our drivers via yum

yum -y install rhino-$(uname -r)

rhino drivers from source

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

trixbox2.3.0.10 (note 2.2 has rpms)
Centos 5 has some quirks which make compiling difficult. We hope to have an RPM out today but in the mean time I have written a few scripts to make compiling as painless as possible. Please note these steps require an internet connection that can do proper dns resolution

1. go to /usr/src
2. Download the scripts:
3. Make the scripts executable:
chmod +x *.sh
4. Find your zaptel version and run fakezap
modinfo zaptel #please note you only want the version not the build so 1.4.7-1234 is 1.4.7
./ -v 1.4.7 #replace 1.4.7 with the proper version
5. Build the drivers. our latest version is 2.2.2
./ -v 2.2.2
6. I recommend downloading our modprobe file
wget -O /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.rhino

Elastix Now Supported!!!

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Rhino Equipment is pleased to announce the availability of Elastix on our Rhino Ceros line of equipment.

Elastix allows us to gain a stable platform that is fully compatible out of the box with modern hardware such as PCI Express and SATA. This allows for proper use of interrupt management features like ACPI. All of this without losing the PBX features you have come to love.

You also gain new features such as an integrated HylaFax server, Communications and more flexibility through the web UI.

This system has been fully tested and integrated into our Rhino Ceros product. We recommend the 2.6.18 and above kernel for boxes that contain multiple network cards, digital cards used in conjunction with other digital or analog cards, and PCI-E cards. This kernel is native to the Elastix distrobution.

For more information please visit:

yum update -y

Monday, December 10th, 2007

FYI all trixbox CE users

Just to give everyone a heads up from the Rhino’s mouth. Rhino products are proud to continually work with trixbox CE and future trixbox distributions. We also take great pride in our customers and realize that the more information that is posted the better informed we all are. That is why we take it very seriously to keep our customers informed of any ongoing issues with our hardware and distributions that we recommend.

The following issue has been popping up all over so please be aware of what you are installing at all times.

Please note that if you do a yum update for any of the following systems we cannot support your system until the system has been completely restored to factory settings.

trixbox CE 2.2

trixbox CE 2.2.1

trixbox CE 2.2.2

trixbox CE 2.2.3

trixbox CE 2.2.4

trixbox CE 2.2.5

trixbox CE 2.2.6

trixbox CE 2.2.7

trixbox CE 2.2.8

trixbox CE 2.2.9

This includes any future releases on the trixbox CE 2.2.x branch

This is due to errors in the trixbox repositories and this leads to corruption to your trixbox system.

The repositories for the upcoming trixbox 2.4 will be updated from what our trixbox sources have said, but for the trixbox 2.2.x repository this is not something that they can currently fix.