rhino drivers from source

trixbox2.3.0.10 (note 2.2 has rpms)
Centos 5 has some quirks which make compiling difficult. We hope to have an RPM out today but in the mean time I have written a few scripts to make compiling as painless as possible. Please note these steps require an internet connection that can do proper dns resolution

1. go to /usr/src
2. Download the scripts:
wget ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/fakezap.sh
wget ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/driversfs.sh
3. Make the scripts executable:
chmod +x *.sh
4. Find your zaptel version and run fakezap
modinfo zaptel #please note you only want the version not the build so 1.4.7-1234 is 1.4.7
./fakezap.sh -v 1.4.7 #replace 1.4.7 with the proper version
5. Build the drivers. our latest version is 2.2.2
./driversfs.sh -v 2.2.2
6. I recommend downloading our modprobe file
wget -O /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.rhino ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/modprobe.rhino

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