2.6.18+ kernel users

I have put together a modprobe for users of hot-plugging kernels like 2.6.18 that use modprobe.

The file is located at ftp://ftp.rhinoequipment.com/Drivers/Contrib/modprobe.rhino and should be saved in /etc/modprobe.d/ (at least on debian/redhat based distros).

This file does a few things. It Blacklists the modules from the kernels hotplug process to allow you to control the load via zaptel or other scripts.

On module load via modprobe we will request zaptel load up the device with ztcfg.

Also you can set options in this file such as selectively turning off echo cancellation activating E1 mode or turning on module debugging. We also welcome community auditing of this file. If you have any suggestions or would like to rewrite it for another os build feel free to email me at jfinstrom@rhinoequipment.com

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