trixbox CE Privacy Notice!

Allot of ceros users are upgrading to trixbox 2.4 we do not recommend using any of the betas if your using a beta it would be best to push up to 2.4 stable.

In trixbox 2.4 betas and in 2.4 there is what trixbox calls a hardware audit tool also referenced to as a “phone home script”. Rhino installs trixbox as convenience-ware and is controlled by a 3rd party. This tool is designed to send back targeted data to the company who owns the trixbox project.  Please note you can disable this tool by editing /etc/trixbox/trixbox.conf and setting AuditTool=no. As trixbox is not our software we can not set this for you and it is your choice weather or not to opt out.  For information on the trixbox privacy policy you may visit

A verry brief extract from the trixbox dev blog on the tool is below.

a. The script will check /etc/trixbox/trixbox.conf for AuditTool=yes, if this is set to ‘no’ or the value does not exist, no communication will take effect between the script and the Fonality servers.
b. The script will NOT receive a list of commands from the Fonality server, the commands will be hard coded into the script so that no arbitrary code can be executed.
c. The script will check on the Fonality server for a “disable now” flag that will disable itself from future execution
d.Upon a user opting-out of the program the registry script will tell the Fonality server that a user has chosen to opt-out.

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  1. Kerry Garrison Says:

    The only command the tool will get from Fonality if you install the beta will be to update itself to one that cannot receive commands from Fonality this solving this security related issue.

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