Got FreePBX? Get trained

The folks over at FreePBX have announced there long awaited training. It may seem like were slow on announcing this but we didn’t want it to get lost in the mix.

Users on trixbox , pbxinaflash, Elastix and various other pre-built solutions may or may not know that the engine that drives all the configurations is FreePBX ( After allot of demand they have decided to put on training that will be a great value to anyone who builds, services, or manages any of the above systems. Even if you have done other programs such as ftocc this program should compliment the knowledge you already have. The fact is FreePBX truly makes allot of lives easier. Their project is open source and is released Free which doesn’t provide allot of funding for development of new features. The FreePBX team is awesome though and push forward with this lax funding. Allot of folks may not donate to these projects and not because they are cheap but because its hard to get the accountant to come to terms with donating to a software project. The Nice thing about this training is it offers something for you and your accountant. You get valuable knowledge and sometimes even more valuable networking with other asterisk professionals. Your accountant gets to write off a business expense. Here at Rhino we want to help this work so we have sponsored 4 scholarships of $500 each (offer expires 02/01)to the upcoming training event, Simply use the code RHINO when you are registering to obtain one of these scholarships. For more information on the FreePBX training visit:

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