What could be a cool toy.

So you may have seen the posts floating around about Ethen’s (schmooze communications) new toy. I first saw the posts with saw Microsoft in the title which almost made me not read it. Well I have dealt with the schmooze guys and thought I would give it a chance. Anyhow it appears he has developed what he calls a Magic button. I am one of those geeks who likes cool toys but has ADD so bad I probably would get bored fast with it. Basically you push a button and you can initiate a call, transfer, park, un-park etc. with your voice. My cell phone does a little bit of this but as stated above I played with it for a week then discovered other things. Fortunately the majority of folks are not me and these features are very popular with the end users. I think this thing has potential to be really cool and it will be demonstrated at the FreePBX training. To read Ethan’s post go to http://www.freepbx.org/news/2008-01-29/microsoft-response-point-pbx-asterisk-and-beyond

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