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Rhino Ships First PBX in a Flash Ceros

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


In keeping with Rhino’s goal to be OPEN and part of the community, we announced back in January that we would start shipping a multitude of Asterisk based distributions. Today Rhino shipped out our first Ceros with PBX in a Flash.

Pbx in a flash entered into the game not too long ago built by Joe Roper and distributed by Ward Mundy of Nerd Vittles. The distribution has gained a foothold and a following that is based on the fans of Ward Mundy and his Asterisk scripts. The First PBX in a Flash Ceros is on its Way to Oregon and we hope there will be many more shipping. You may also notice that this isn’t the Ceros you may be familiar with. After months of design changes the Ceros has been given an extreme makeover. Keep an eye out for the Official announcement of the new, more attractive Ceros.


More on PBX in a Flash at