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RCBFX Upgrade from HW version 10 to HW version 11 (R4FX0 ONLY)

Monday, August 27th, 2007

If you have a R4FXO-EX or R4FXO-EC and have upgraded to the RPM version of our drivers or if you use our new driver method and your card stops working you may need to upgrade your hardware.

Reload your RCBFX driver and check your versions.

rmmod rcbfx
modprobe rcbfx
dmesg | grep rcbfx

You should see in the dmesg output something like:

rcbfx : Firmware Version 1.9
rcbfx : Hardware version 11
rcbfx : G168 DSP Ping DSP Version 106

If your Hardware version is 11 you are good, otherwise you need to upgrade.

To upgrade:

ssh in to the affected box.

Do the following:

cd /usr/src
tar -xjvf rcb4fxo_11.tbz2
init 0

After you init 0 power the box off for 30 seconds then bring it back up. Please note `reboot` or `init 6` will not work with this process. Also do not power your machine off durring the upgrade process as this may damage your hardware..