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FreePBX update

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Just got word that 2 of the 4 scholarships are gone and from what I hear the Hotel is almost full so if you want to grab a discount you better make a run for it because it didnt take long to fill the 2 slots I imagine the other 2 will be gone in a day or so.

By the way I was watching American Idol ( I know shut-up) and they were in Charleston SC. And they did the little intro where they scrolled through the area and It looks like an awesome place to visit. I Like old buildings so definitely on my list.

EDIT as of 2PM 01/24 only 1 Rhino Seat remains

For more info visit:

NEW Driver Release Party!!!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

We have just released a new set of Drivers. Driver package rhino-2.2.1

You can get the latest and greatest Rhino Drivers today from the following location:

NOTE: If you are using Rhino Digital PCI cards that were purchased prior to 10/15/07 you MUST

upgrade your hardware revision. To do this please read the blog listed bellow, or contact

Rhino technical support for assistance.

Known Issues:

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

As of last testing we have observed the following issues. This list is as of 10/23/2007. Please note user experience may vary and some of these issues may have been resolved in later builds and only apply to the versions listed.

trixbox CE

2.2.3 - genzaptelconfig does not recognize our cards.

2.2.x> the 2.6.9 kernel does not properly implement apic and has poor IRQ managemen. Use of multiple high interrupt devices like Digital Cards in combination with each other, extra network devices or RAID will cause interrupt issues and instability.

2.2.4 Zaptel does not install. You can run yum -y install zaptel-*

Digital cards shipped after 10/05/2007 require a new driver use the 2.2.1 package in the beta directory of our ftp. If you recieved a digital card in a ceros this update has been made.

Zaptel version Does not build correctly. This seems isolated to this version

Some Qwest and Ameritech lines are not sending voltages across correctly. This issue may also occur in other AT&T regions. This issue can be overcome by upgrading your rcbfx firmware to 1.11.

Rhinosterisk 70021008-0917may not have an extensions.conf. You can correct this by rerunning install_amp

Some netgear routers will randomly reboot with qos and vlan enabled causing SIP delays.

Calling Linux and Asterisk Gurus

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Be part of the next big thing… well sorta…… (more…)